Brand and Facility Management Just Got Easier

Technology always needs to be one step ahead. While ever-connectedness and accessibility within the modern world bring us tremendous communicative benefits, it also calls for the implementation of better management protocols for facilities and brands.

High security at low cost

Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) is the latest scalable access-control system adopted by HID that supports high-end AES-128 encryption between card readers and door controls. Using as few as 2 data wires and allowing for 10 times the distance between devices, it reduces labor and material cost while providing utmost security.

The HID Reader Manager app places reader management in the palm of your hands, so that you can always stay one step ahead. With bi-directional communication and interoperability, you can both send and receive information, as well as connect controllers and readers from different manufacturers. Supporting OSDP, this intuitive central management app lowers operational costs, streamlines administration, and mitigates disruptions efficiently.

Facility management in action

Building management and security is a challenge that comes with a growing list of responsibilities and risks. With occupant safety and wellbeing at the core, Real-time Location Services (RLTS) is a convenient technology that can deliver all of the most relevant data to your doorstep, such as real-time entry and exit information or occupant location. This solution will transform the way building occupancy, resource provisions, and budget allocations are analyzed and administered.

Innovation technology for brand protection

Product authenticity is a big concern for brands who value a trusting relationship with their customers. Using HID Trusted Tag Technology, Tasmania’s Old Kempton Distillery is now able to counter the problem with counterfeit products in the global whiskey industry easily and reliably. With the help of AusNFC tags, the verification process is as simple as tapping your phone to the tag on the bottle, immediately after which all the relevant product information will appear on your iPhone/Android screen. Each tap generates a unique URL that cannot be duplicated, ensuring authenticity, and promoting consumer engagement with brands.