Honing Leadership for True Innovation

Innovation is the pioneer’s key to success. It breaks down barriers of all kinds, challenges the hands of creation, and re-calibrates the value of material things.

By continuously exploring new technological approaches that exceed today’s expectations while growing from the core, ASSA ABLOY maintains an unshakeable product-driven spirit that is supported by sound leadership and management.

A breeding ground for product innovation

ASSA ABLOY’s strategies for product leadership are based on four guiding principles:

●      Maintaining a groupwide, structured innovation process;

●      Understanding customer demands on a deeper level and applying them to product management and development;

●      Developing and using common modular platforms and technologies; and

●      Investing in research and development competence centers

The Group’s innovation process involves developing common globalized platforms and interfaces on a technological level before localizing them on a product level. With respect to the different standards and consumer needs in different parts of the world, our modular and sustainable approach allows us to diversity products at varying scales, and in varying environments, cultivating precisely the kind of intelligent security ecosystem that is invaluable to modern living.

A sound brand architecture

Evolving from a foundation of solid mechanical products, ASSA ABLOY’s electromechanical and electronic technologies have made buildings all the more secure or convenient — with newly added softwares and even cloud-based access management systems, we have improved access solutions for whole building complexes, enhanced user identification systems, and enabled more preventive signaling of security risks.

In 2019, ASSA ABLOY was recognized by the German Brand Awards as the gold-winner of ‘Excellent Brands — Building and Elements’, an award given to brands who have built a sound and unified brand architecture, which we believe is a crucial driving force for product innovation.

Growing the core

While keeping up with smart technologies is indispensable to innovation and growth, we must not forget what lies at the core of our brand. ASSA ABLOY’s beginnings were founded on mechanical lock cylinders and lock systems, and these products have remained at the heart of our business throughout. By acknowledging the nature of our roots, how it harvested many successes and provided the means for a reliable customer base, we solidify the ground upon which we rise to new challenges.

Without losing sight of that which makes us who are, the ASSA ABLOY Group and it's global brands have been able to maintain a strong foothold in the market, even catapulting to the top of Finland’s Most Valued Brands list.