Lock and security systems for industry and utilities


Locking systems, access control and life-safety solutions for the industrial and utilities sector need to be flexible, provide a high level of security, and be robust enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Security requirements for utilities and industry may vary depending on the type of business activities and the size and location of the facility. A traditional manufacturing plant has large open facilities, several entrances and delivery doors, and staff working in shifts around the clock.

This kind of company has a great need for secure, yet flexible, perimeter protection that protects against intruders. Electronic access control systems and master key systems guarantee easy entry for the right person at the right time. Security in the form of emergency exits, mechanical locking systems, high-security and blast proof doors and safety lockout devices are just some of the examples of security solutions for this sector.

Perimeter and grounds security

The first line of safety for an industrial or utilities facility is the physical barrier that controls, and limits, access to the grounds. This can include fencing, gates and security cameras. Access control systems that allow for remote monitoring from a central location ensure that all visitor access is controlled.

High security and blast proof doors

The wide use of solvents in some manufacturing processes results in potential hazards from blast situations. In the event of an explosion at such a facility, high-security and customized blast proof doors ensure the safety of the people and equipment. High-security doors integrated with access control systems are also important in restricting access to off-limits areas.

Weather and environment resistance

Many utilities and industrial facilities are located outdoors. Security solutions used to secure such facilities must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. From electromechanical locking systems to mechanical locks and padlocks, products and solutions need to be able to withstand snow and ice, wind, water, heat, humidity and salt corrosion.

Safety lockout of machinery

Keeping people who work with heavy machinery in potentially high-risk environments safe is of utmost importance. Safety lockout padlocks ensure machinery and vehicles are not operated during maintenance operations, avoiding accidents. Each set of safety lockout padlocks has only one key and the only the person who locked out the piece of machinery can unlock it.

Remote access control solutions

Buildings that house companies providing audio-video services can be spread out geographically, with many smaller technical buildings and masts located in remote areas. These facilities also need to be readily accessible for service and maintenance. Online access control solutions allow for remote monitoring from a central location, allowing access and connecting functions such as temperature and humidity monitoring.

Emergency exits

An emergency exit or panic exit device must allow fast and efficient evacuation during emergency circumstances, and but still remain an important part of the building's primary security by restricting access or ensuring entry at all other times. Stringent requirements for emergency evacuation and fire safety mean there is a high demand for security and steel doors.