Locks and security solutions for public facilities


A security solution for a public facility should enhance the experience of the visitor. From the automatic sliding or revolving doors installed in the facility's main entrance, to the access control systems restricting entry to off-limits areas, or the panic exit devices that provide secure exit in case of an emergency, ASSA ABLOY has the solutions to meet the needs of any public facility.

Sports arenas, concert halls, museums and public government facilities are among some of the public facilities that can benefit from the integrated door opening solutions provided by ASSA ABLOY.

Perimeter and grounds security

The first line of safety for a public facility is the physical barrier that controls, and limits, access to the grounds. This can include fencing, gates and security cameras. Ideally, all visitor access can be monitored and controlled. Safety requirements may call for many emergency exits to the building to allow rapid evacuation.

Main entrances

The main entrance or entrances can include a physical access component through an automated door opening such as a sliding, revolving or swinging door. In large arenas there may be entrances via payment booths or gates. Electronic access control systems can be added to tailor security levels to suit different times. They can also be integrated with alarms and camera surveillance and controlled from a central point, logging the details of visitors who have entered.

Public areas

Public areas including toilets, cafeteria and auditoriums in public facilities may or may not be open to allow access to all visitors. Physical and logical access control solutions can be used and tailored to allow or limit access at certain parts of the day. Life-safety solutions such as emergency exits are necessary to ensure quick exit in case of emergency.

Locker rooms and VIP areas

Access to locker rooms or VIP areas with restricted access can be controlled through online access control integrated with camera surveillance and contactless identification solutions to ensure that the right people, including cleaners who need to enter after hours, are granted entry. Such access control solutions allow for security to be controlled remotely and can also be used to log events and track access over a period of time.

Emergency exits

An emergency exit or panic exit device must allow fast and efficient evacuation during emergency circumstances, but still remain an important part of the building's primary security by restricting access or ensuring entry at all other times. Intelligent panic exit devices, for example, protect people and property during emergencies and at all other times.