Locks and security solutions for public transportation


ASSA ABLOY's door opening solutions for public transportation facilities such as airports, train stations and subway stations ensure safety and convenience for the large volumes of people passing through every day. From main entrance automatic doors to emergency and panic exit devices and high security doors, ASSA ABLOY's solutions cover a wide range of security needs for public transportation facilities.

Applications for this segment can range from access control to a high-security area or mechanical locks for outdoor utilities units which are exposed to all types of weather conditions.

Entrance door systems

The entrance doors to large public transportation facilities such as train stations and airports provide safe and reliable entrance to the large volumes of people who pass through them every day. Door automation products such as automatic revolving doors, sliding doors and swing doors not only ensure convenience, but they are also an important representation of the building as a whole.

High-security doors

A sophisticated access control system using smart card credentials and biometric characteristics to check and approve access of authorized personnel ensure that the right person is granted entry to restricted areas. Access control systems can also conveniently and remotely monitor a door's status – whether open, closed or unlocked – and make a log of all events which make incidents easier to track.

Industrial doors

There are a number of variations for industrial doors. High-speed doors go up and down quickly, making sure traffic keeps flowing. Horizontally moving folding doors are perfect when there is no space for a regular door. Overhead sectional doors retract up under the roof, freeing space around the door opening. And for large openings, wind and weather resistant extra-large doors are available.

Utility facilities

Utilities at a public transportation facility such as storage tanks, hangars, fences, and power stations need to be kept secure using mechanical or electromechanical locking solutions. Often they are exposed to extreme weather conditions or chemicals and require durable door control, door locks or cylinder locks that ensure that there will be no unwanted surprises.

General doors

All of a door's components, including the hardware such as a lock and door closer must fit smoothly together and operate like new even after thousands of openings. The self-closing function offered by door closers for example provides an important level of security for external doors, preventing them from slamming, staying open unintentionally or blowing open in the wind.

Emergency exits

Emergency exits and panic exit devices must comply with regulations and ensure safe exit during extreme situations while also helping to secure the building and retain secure entry in non-emergency situations. Intelligent panic exits and devices, for example, protect people and property during emergencies and at all other times.